High-Resolution Imaging

Kent Keyser, Ph.D. – Director


This Shared Facility’s mission is to provide state-of-the-art imaging resources and the technical support to use them effectively for Cancer Center investigators as well as other investigators in the UAB research community.

Facility Description

The High Resolution Imaging Facility or “HRIF” is a cutting-edge facility providing a variety of microscopy services for UAB Scientists.  Investigators conducting experiments that require the use of high end digital microscopes and technical expertise can benefit from the facility’s diverse resources.

Research Information

Fluorescence Microscopy, Confocal Laser Microscopy, Time Lapse, FRET, FRAP, Electron Microscopy, Cryo-EM Microscopy and Light Microscopy are available at the “HRIF.”  Consultation and training are available for all users of the facility by a staff of highly trained professionals.

Services and Fees

Surcharge for Assistance in Instrumentation or Sample Preparation

Basic Digital Imaging/Deconvolution/ Calcium Imaging — Olympus IX70

Basic Digital Imaging –Leitz Orthoplan, Nikon Diaphot

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy – Leica SP1

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy with UV Laser – Leica

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy — Olympus Fluoview

Digital Imaging/Timelapse/FRET/Histology Imaging – Nikon Eclipse

FRET/FRAP Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy – Leica SP2

Large Specimen/Tissue Dissection Imaging Nikon Stereoscope

Data Archival Service Fee (includes blank CD)
$3.00 each

High Resolution Printing: Inkjet
$3.00 each

Transmission Electron Microscopy— FEI Tecnai T12 Spirit/Assisted

Transmission Electron Microscopy— FEI Tecnai T12 Spirit/Unassisted

Sample processing per sample/Bulk Discounts Available

Ultra-thin and semi-thin sectioning per sample with post stain

Negative Staining per Grid

Cryo-EM Usage Technai F20 Full Service Access

Cryo-EM Usage Technai F20 Full Service Access

Cryo-EM Usage Technai F20  Reduced Service Access

Cryo-EM Grid for Sample Preparation

Contact Information:

Director:  Kent Keyser, Ph.D.

Email:  ktkeyser@uab.edu

Phone: 975-7225

Technical Staff:

Shawn Williams – Microscopist, Digital Imaging Specialist, Confocal Microscopy Specialist

Email:  tzaron@uab.edu

Phone:  934-7403

Ed Phillips – General Microscopy and Sample Preparation, Fluorescence, Histology, Electron Microscopy

Email:  dogfan@uab.edu

Phone:  934-7855

For questions pertaining to Electron Microscopy and EM Sample Preparation, please contact:

Melissa Chimento – Electron Microscopist – Transmission EM, Sample Preparation

Email:  mchimento@uab.edu

Phone:  934-1926

Terje Dokland, Ph.D. – Cryo-Electron Microscopist, Cryo-EM Sample Preparation

Email:  dokland@uab.edu

Phone:  996-4502 or 996-4510

Website:  http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=34926

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