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William Grizzle, M.D., Ph.D. – Director

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Website: http://www.uab.edu/medicine/tcbf/tpsf-sidebar

UAB Tissue Collection & Banking Facility: http://www.uab.edu/medicine/tcbf/

Cooperative Human Tissue Network: http://chtn.nci.nih.gov/


The Tissue Procurement Shared Facility (TPSF) of the Comprehensive Cancer Center operates as a prospective service to collect, from UAB associated hospitals, normal, malignant, benign, and diseased fresh human tissues and fluids which are then preserved appropriate to protocol.  This preservation can include fresh storage in media or saline, snap-frozen storage in liquid nitrogen, freezing in OCT for frozen section preparation, or preservation in a fixative of choice.  The TPSF can also provide procurement of control tissues including uninvolved tissues or matched tissues from patients with benign disease processes.  The histology laboratory can provide paraffin blocks and/or stained or unstained slides.  In addition, investigators can obtain access to rare tissues through the national Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN).

All samples are identified by control numbers to protect patient confidentiality.  A copy of the surgical pathology report from which all patient identifiers have been removed will be provided to the researcher.  If requested, the TPSF will attempt to obtain additional information such as follow-up, clinic-pathologic, and demographic features.  The facility is regulated by the UAB Institutional Review Board (IRB) regarding human use approval for use of human tissues.

Facility Description

The TPSF occupies approximately 1,500 square feet on the 4th floor of the Zeigler Research Building.  Its facilities include two laminar flow hoods, liquid nitrogen vapor phase freezers, -80o freezers, a steam autoclave, a crushed ice machine, a refrigerator/freezer, a complete histology laboratory, and a LAN-networked computer system.

Research Information

The TPSF can provide normal, malignant, benign, or diseased remnant human tissues and/or fluids from surgical resections, autopsies, or clinical procedures for IRB-approved researchers.  Although the facility operates as a prospective service specializing in the preparation of samples to protocol, limited banked frozen and paraffin-embedded samples may be available.  Investigators are required to complete an application and provide a copy of their IRB approval as well as a brief description of the project for which the requested samples will be utilized.

Samples are provided for research purposes only.  The following processing fees are to offset processing costs and should be included in all grant applications:

Services and Fees

A minimal processing fee is charged to investigators for the time and effort involved in collecting, processing and storing research specimens. These fees are given below:

  • Processing fee per sample – $30.00
  • Processing fee for additional aliquots of the same tissue – $15.00

Protocol Fees:

  • Per hour to review and prepare Scope of Work for protocol proposals – $50.00
  • Per specimen if specimen delivered to TP lab and shipped by study personnel – $30.00
  • Per specimen if TP personnel have to pick up specimen or ship specimen – $35.00
  • Per specimen if TP personnel pick up and ship specimen – $40.00
  • Per specimen fee for processing of additional aliquots from the same tissue – $15.00
  • Administrative fee charged per patient for all protocols – $30.00
  • Management fee charged/hour if protocol requires management time – $50.00
  • Chart Review or Patient Follow-Up – $40.00 per patient

NOTE: A summary of the protocol and services requested by Tissue Procurement personnel should be prepared and submitted to Kathy Sexton, sexton@uab.edu. She will prepare an estimate for the requested services.

Histology Services:

  • H&E stained cryostat section, 1st section cut from a block – $10.00
  • H&E stained cryostat repeat sections from same block, up to 19 sections – $7.00
  • First cut of cryostat section – $6.00
  • Repeat cuts of cryostat block – $4.00
  • Provided tissue processed to Paraffin Block – $7.00
  • Unstained slide from paraffin (for 1st section) – $5.00
  • Repeat unstained slides from same block – $3.00
  • H&E slide from paraffin for 1st section cut from a block – $7.00
  • Repeat H&E slides from same block, up to 19 – $5.00
  • >10 micron section (up to 2 sections/vial) – $8.50
  • 5-cut ribbon (of routine thickness) – $8.00
  • Touch preps – $4.50
  • Special stains will be charged as follows:
  • Complex Stains – $50.00 for first slide, and $15.00 for remainder in that batch.
  • Intermediate Stains – $30.00 for first slide, and $10.00 for remainder in that batch.
  • Simple Staines – $7.00 for first slide, and $5.00 for remainder in that batch.

NOTE: A credit of $0.50 will be given for each slide provided, and $0.50 credit will be given for each slide pre-labeled by requestor. A charge of $1/slide will be added for hand-applied glass coverslilps. Investigators requesting more than 20 slides are asked to label their own slides.

Other histology services such as touch preps and special stains are available.  Also, tissue microarrays can be constructed and microdissections can be arranged.  Please contact the TPSF to obtain prices or arrange for these special services.

Contact Information:

Director:  William Grizzle, M.D., Ph.D.
Email:  wgrizzle@uab.edu
Phone: (205) 934-4214

Assistant Director and Manager:  Katherine C. Sexton, MBA
Email:  sexton@uab.edu
Phone:  (205) 934-6071

Campus Address: ZRB 449, zip 0007

Website: http://www.uab.edu/medicine/tcbf/tpsf-sidebar

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