There is no mistaking Carol Misner’s botanical paintings. Each is her unique interpretation of flora, in monochromatic tones, reflecting the simple beauty, gracefulness and fragility of the botanical it portrays. Ms. Misner so delicately layers her acrylics to achieve a diaphanous, gossamer quality that it has been said her works resemble X-rays in watercolor.
The majority of Ms. Misner’s subjects come from the beautiful flora she finds in her community and her travels. Ms. Misner lives in Birmingham in a light-filled loft on 2nd Ave. North.
Of the hundred or so works Ms. Misner paints each year, she selects only a few for small batch limited edition reproductions individually numbered and signed. Each is a giclee print that captures the exquisite detail of the original work.

Ms. Misner’s original works and reproductions grace homes and businesses throughout the United States and can be purchased directly from the artist. Originals of her work can also be purchased through Richard Tubb Interiors in Birmingham. Reproductions are sold worldwide by Wendover Art and Williams-Sonoma Home.


I am inspired by delicacy in the life, death and rejuvenation of the flora around us, a cycle that replicates our own and gives us hope. I am honored to again participate in ArtBLINK, as it provides resources for cancer research and healing. This painting is a rare large size–beautiful over a fireplace, bed, credenza or in another magical space.