From an early age, David Boyd was encouraged by his parents to create. There was never a shortage of art materials at the Boyd household. Even the walls of his childhood bedroom were left unfinished so that he could draw at will. He was influenced by his father; a renowned illustrator and character who draws for Jeff Foxworthy and Mark Morgan, Inc., an editorial cartoon syndication company. He was also heavily influenced by his mother, Rosalyn Boyd, the “quintessential southern belle,” beloved Heritage school teacher and instructor to thousands with a penchant for dance and music.

After moving to Savannah, Georgia, for school, Mr. Boyd began studying architecture, then graphic design and finally art history and illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration in 1995. He painted his first painting during this time, focusing on the moonlight through the live oaks of Savannah’s Washington Avenue.

Since 2004, Mr. Boyd has worked with his father at Mark Morgan, Inc. The father-son team produces e-greeting cards with Jeff Foxworthy, which can be found at www.foxworthyredneckecards.com. The two Boyds are also responsible for the design and execution of design work, murals and signage for The Redneck Gourmet family of restaurants.

Mr. Boyd’s love of painting has been an odd journey resulting in many different types of paintings. He considers himself an obsessed experimenter, not having settled on a single style or a concentration of subjects. His pieces range from the expressionistic to the abstract, with subject matter that includes everything from trees and landscapes to chairs and doors, and sizes varying from small studies to murals.

Recently Mr. Boyd has been focusing on alla prima oil paintings of still lives and landscapes, especially a new found love of plein air painting. He attempts to paint a piece a day and documents it on his blog with a written journal about each piece. Most of these pieces are smaller in scale. He is predominantly a self- taught painter having studied under Millie Gosch, Gene Costanza, Jill Steenhuis, Roger Dale Brown, Marc Chatov and Scott Christensen. Mr. Boyd’s work can be seen at Quincy Ave. Art and Toys in Seaside, Florida, Fine Lines Gallery in Newnan, Georgia, Dogwood Gallery in Tyrone, Georgia, and Crow Valley Pottery in Washington State.


My inspirations for this event are my father, David Boyd, Sr., who is a lung cancer survivor, and my father-in-law Jerry Knott who we lost to pancreatic cancer two years ago.