Kate Merritt Davis is an abstract expressionist artist whose mixed-media paintings are defined by freely moving, expressive lines that give structure and a sense of place to her work. A certain serenity invites the viewer to wander into these contemplative fields, exploring the contrasts of color, saturation and texture. Ms. Davis primarily uses a mixture of painting and drawing techniques and materials on birch panels and heavy papers.

Ms. Davis earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Montevallo and resides in Irondale, Alabama. She is represented by Gregg Irby Fine Art in Atlanta. Recent exhibits include the group show “Four Types of Ambiguity” at Art Folk Gallery in Birmingham and a solo exhibit at the Hoover Library in October – December 2012. Her work has primarily been exhibited in the Southeast and is held in private collections in the United States and abroad.


There are a lot of good reasons to support ArtBLINK, but I had a very personal experience in 2011 with my father’s melanoma that has inspired me to help fund support for others in similar situations. The Kirklin Clinic was my first thought when I learned he had multiple lung and brain tumors and realized I would suddenly be caring for him full time. From the moment he was referred, there was nothing but an outpouring of support throughout his journey. The nurses, doctors, patient navigator, social workers – everyone was extremely understanding and helpful during a very difficult time for my father and the family, and I would like to offer my thanks in the form of contributing my art to the fundraiser to help support the programs that so tremendously helped us.

For those who are familiar with my expressionist style, my process of working spontaneously and intuitively may seem to correlate with the way I handle the unexpected in life. Though I do like to make plans, I mostly dream – my understanding and reconciliation of life hinges on adaptation and rolling with what unfolds. Though jumping headfirst into the unknown may seem overly adventurous for the quiet type, there is peaceful confidence that keeps me going when creating art which has brought me to better understand myself as a resourceful and trustworthy leader in other situations. So it follows that I put paint to a surface and follow where it goes, discovering places of contemplation and serenity along the way.