Career Development Training Program

The Career Development Training Scholars Program includes Post Doctorates and Junior Investigators who have gone through our training program and have been mentored by senior Deep South Network Investigators at UAB or collaborating institutions.

Applicant  Name Institution Research Interest
2009-2010Jamie Cannon, M.D.


UAB Cancer, Community based or field, outcomes/health services, clinical
2009-2010Angela Jukkala, Ph.D.


UAB Developing innovative interventions to increase access to peer support and health information for rural and rural minority breast cancer survivors.
2008-2009Shadi Martin, Ph.D., MSW


UA The cultural and behavioral factors that contribute to health disparities in cancer detection and treatment across various cultural/ethnic populations.
2008-2009Yu-Mei Schoenberger, Ph.D., MPH


UAB Behavioral Research: Health communications
2007-2008Sreelatha Meleth, Ph.D.


UAB Qualitative Research Methods: Develop Measure of Health
2007-2008M. Tino Unlap, Ph.D.


UAB Biomarker Identification in Blacks and Whites
2006-2007Charkarra Anderson, Ph.D., MPH, CHES


USM The effect of spirituality on cancer prevention/control and cancer disparities among African Americans.
2006-2007Ayanna V. Buckner, M.D., MPH Morehouse School of Medicine Examine ways to effectively communicate prostate cancer screening recommendation to patients.
2006-2007Cassandra Simon, Ph.D., MSW


UA Address the potential influences of cancer support groups on individuals diagnosed with cancer; Cultural differences as they relate to the path of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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