Community-Based Participatory Research

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) is a partnership approach to research that equally involves community members, organizational representatives, and researchers in all aspects of the research process. Its key message is community members working together can bring about change for healthier communities.

 In CBPR everyone works together toward an established common goal with everyone bringing different “instruments” and talents.

 CBPR uses the Empowerment Model, which was developed in 1970 by Paulo Freire. It begins with a true dialogue in which everyone participates equally to identify common problems and solutions. Once the individual strengths and the shared responsibilities are identified, the group can work together toward a common goal – participatory process.

What are the core values of CBPR?
–Participation, influence, and control of non-academics in the process of generating knowledge and change
–Sharing in decision making
–“Mutual ownership” of the processes and products of research
–Co-learning by researchers and community collaborators and “mutual transfer” of expertise and insights

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