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DSN-HealthyCommunityHEALTHY COMMUNITIES: Measuring Access to Healthy Food and Fitness in Dallas County, Alabama

Investigator: Monica Baskin, Ph.D.

 Did you know…
Only 18% of African American adults in Alabama eat five or more servings of fruit and vegetables and only 41% get regular physical activity.

HEALTHY COMMUNITIES is a supplemental project to the Deep South Network that utilizes CHARPs to assess healthy foods and safe locations for physical activity in Dallas County, Alabama.  The goal of the project is to reduce cancer disparities through environmental and policy interventions to promote healthy eating and regular physical activity.

Primary Objective
–Measure aspects of the food and physical activity environments associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle
–Generate potential environmental and policy interventions to promote healthy lifestyles
–Advocate for change in local environments/policies based on findings

–31 food stores in Dallas County area were identified using combination local health department data on food stores, electronic databases, and information from community members.
–DSN volunteers completed assessment of 27 food stores (87% of stores identified) in Fall/Winter 2008 and again Spring/Summer 2009.

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