Pilot Projects

Project Title: Alternative tobacco product use in young African-American men of the Black Belt counties
Investigator: William Carroll, M.D.


Tobacco related disease is a significant contributor to the heath disparities documented in African Americans.  Previous focus group studies with African American men of the Black Belt counties of Alabama identified mini-cigar and other alternative tobacco products to be the preferred tobacco products in young men (< age 30).  These young men also carried misconceptions about the risks of mini-cigars and alternative tobacco products.  This pilot project was designed to measure prevalence of tobacco product use in this group and to assess beliefs, attitudes, and opinions that impact tobacco use, ultimately providing groundwork for a culturally relevant intervention to be implemented in the Black Belt counties.

Primary Objective
–To measure prevalence of traditional and alternative tobacco product use in young African American men of the Black Belt counties
–To identify socio-cultural factors associated with the initiation and maintenance of tobacco product use
–To develop a draft of a theory-driven, culturally relevant prevention or cessation intervention for the target group

–DSN volunteers were involved in all aspects of the project from design, survey development, volunteer recruitment and training, survey administration, and data collection.  They successfully completed 427 individual surveys.
–Incidence data has been completed.
–Behavioral factor analysis is currently pending; results will be available to community representatives once complete.

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