Research Interventions

The Deep South Network for Cancer Control developed its research interventions utilizing Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) principals that primarily included “Discussion Groups” to determine needs assessment and health priorities of the communities, as well as recommendations to the research teams on tailored types of programs that the DSN CNP should focus its efforts on in Alabama and Mississippi.  Through the formation of Working Groups comprised of DSN researchers, staff members, community partners, and community health advisors, the project focused on developing interventions on the following levels – individuals, systems, and providers, along with advocacy.

As a result of these discussion groups, it was determined that DSN would develop and implement research interventions that focused on 4 Targeted Areas.

Physical Activity – The DSN Walk Campaign promotes a healthier lifestyle through walking, using structured, community-based teams.

Nutrition – Body and Soul, an intervention for African-American churches, seeks to increase church members’ intake of fruits and vegetables.

Cancer Awareness – Cancer and community awareness programs educate community members and empower them to participate in their own health; eight Key Cancer Messages emphasize the importance of cancer screening, healthy lifestyles, and community involvement.

Advocacy – Advocacy work through Direct Action Organizing, turns local volunteers into agents for social change, empowering them to identify and address health issues in the community.

HPV Delta Women’s Health Initiative – A formal collaboration with the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics to conduct an exploratory study for self-collection sampling for HPV Testing.

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