Courage Companions

Courage-CompanionsAt the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, we understand that cancer is an emotional journey as well as a physical journey. That’s why we offer Courage Companions to help our newly diagnosed patients deal with their experience and provide one-on-one emotional support.

Courage Companions have faced cancer and are volunteers with the Comprehensive Cancer Center. Since they have faced similar challenges, they can provide a unique perspective that friends and family often cannot. In most cases, Courage Companions have experienced the same type of cancer, under the same situations, as the people they are helping.

The Courage Companions program offers phone and/or online support, and is a complimentary service of the Comprehensive Cancer Center. Volunteers are available to assist with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a cancer diagnosis. This confidential service has helped many UAB patients express their concerns and fears about coping with their disease.

If you are a cancer survivor or caregiver, we would love to have you on our team. Links to the forms are below. For questions or more information, please contact Callie Dunaway, (205) 996-5364.

Patient Form

Volunteer Form

Click here to download an application onto your computer.

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