U A B C O M P R E H E N S I V E C A N C E R C E N T E R 7

Mrs. Hynson and her husband, Robert, were living in Laurel, Mississippi, when a rare headache sent her to the emergency room. Her blood pressure, she discov- ered, had risen to 250 over 150, and a CT scan revealed a blocked renal artery. It also revealed something much smaller that would prove far more significant: Her pan-

creatic duct was slightly dilated. The radiologist reading the scan noticed that it was

dilated maybe a hair s width, just ever so slightly, and said I should pursue it, Mrs. Hynson recalls.

That tiny dilation was enough to warrant a referral to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, where tests revealed that Mrs. Hynson had a tumor in her pancreas. Her mind was racing, she says, as she prepared to meet

B y J O S H T I L L What started out as a mere headache led Lessley Hynson to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

and to the treatment team that saved her life.


I would


anyone to go

to UAB and get

the best care

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