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but NothiNg prepareD hiM for the shocK of a caNcer DiagNosis.

DENNis gREgg

AROUND Birmingham, Dennis Gregg is

known as the “Baby Bite Man.” As co-owner

with wife Carol of Birmingham’s Pastry Art

Bake Shoppe, his famous Baby Bites—along

with his cakes, cupcakes and other confec-

tions—are a staple at social gatherings across

the city.

But there’s another title that Mr. Gregg is

proud to wear: prostate cancer survivor. “I’d

like to be the prostate cancer survivor poster

boy,” he says.

Mr. Gregg was just 50 years old in July

1998 when a routine exam during his annual

checkup revealed elevated levels of PSA

(prostate-specific antigen), a warning sign for

prostate cancer. his physician sent him to a

local urologist, and a biopsy confirmed the

worst: he had prostate cancer.

“The first thing I thought was that I was

going to die,” Mr. Gregg recalls. “I think

that’s what most people first think, because

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