Since its inception in 1996, the BCRFA

has made an annual donation to the Cancer

Center with the proceeds from all its fund-

raising efforts during the previous year,

which include sales of specialty breast cancer

license plates featuring a pink ribbon and

the phrase “funding research in Alabama,”

BCRFA events and contributions from the

community. This year’s donation brings the

Birmingham-based organization’s cumula-

tive total for UAB to nearly $3 million.

“Our friends at the Breast Cancer

Research Foundation of Alabama have

enabled our breast cancer research program

to become one of the most vigorous and

well-regarded programs in the nation,” says

edward Partridge, M.D., Cancer Center

director. “The foundation has been instru-

mental in making that progress possible.

Their dedication is saving lives every day,

and we are grateful for their steadfast part-

nership in the fight against cancer.”

half of the BCRFA gift will be used as

the lead contribution in a fundraising effort

to establish an endowed chair in honor of

Andres Forero, M.D., a Cancer Center

senior scientist, BCRFA board member and

nationally recognized expert in breast cancer


The foundation has designated the other

half of the gift to support breast cancer

research in memory of three remarkable

women who made significant contributions

to the breast cancer community during their

lifetimes: Violeta Caceres, O.D., known in

Birmingham as “the Pink Lady” and recog-

nized for her breast cancer advocacy; Kathy

Kemp, an award-winning journalist with

The Birmingham News; and Judith F. Todd,

one of Alabama’s top estate-planning and

probate attorneys.

In their memories—and in the memo-

ries of so many others who have lost their

fight against breast cancer during this past

year—the BCRFA has set its highest-ever

fundraising goal of $500,000 for 2011.

The BCRFA was established in 1996

by Dolly O’Neal, a two-time breast can-

cer survivor, and Bruce Sokol, whose wife,

D.D., was undergoing breast cancer treat-

ment at the time. Since then, the foundation

has been a leader in raising critical research

funds to support early projects that enabled

the Cancer Center to receive additional,

high-profile grants and recruit and retain

world-renowned breast cancer researchers.

The BCRFA provided pilot fund-

ing for key breast cancer research that led

to the receipt and renewal of the Cancer

Center’s Breast Cancer SPORe (Specialized

Program of Research excellence), a five-

year, $11.5-million grant from the National

Cancer Institute. Their support also helped

fund important pre-clinical lab testing that

led to a $6.4-million Promise Grant from

Susan G. Komen for a Cure and the Triple

Negative Breast Cancer Foundation in 2009.

To make a gift to the endowment,

contact Jeannie Horton at (205) 934-6326


giving back

itzi Davis.

Above: edward Partridge with bCrFA board members.

right (left to right): bCrFA President Dianne mooney,

Andres Forero and Dolly o’Neal.

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