Molecular NMR

N. Rama Krishna, Ph.D. – Director


The Shared Facility provides access to State-of-the-Art NMR instrumentation, NMR data collection, service and consultation on routine projects. Provides training to students on the use of NMR spectrometers, NMR data analysis, and the theory and practice of NMR.

Facility Description

State-of-the-Art NMR Instrumentation consisting of:

(1) 800 MHz NMR Spectrometer with a TCI-CryoProbe (to be established using the $2 million NCRR/HEI Grant award to Dr. Krishna)

(2) Bruker Avance 700 MHz Spectrometer with a TCI-CryoProbe

(3) Bruker Avance 600 MHz NMR system with TCI-CryoProbe

(4) Bruker Avance 500 MHz NMR system with TXI and TBI Probes. Software for data analysis and structure calculations.

Research Information

(1) Quality control on synthetic and medicinal chemistry compounds by NMR of 1H and other nuclei (13C, 19F, 31P, 15N, 195Pt, etc.)

(2) three-dimensional structure determinations of proteins and their complexes including complexes with low-molecular weight compounds

(3) STD-NMR screening of compound libraries to identify “hits”

(4) Fragment-based discovery and design of new lead compounds

(5) determination of binding epitopes of small molecules,

(6) membrane proteins, and

(7) in-vitro NMR on cells, tissues, and their extracts.

Services and Fees

$10/Hr on the 500 MHz NMR, $12/Hr on the 600 NMR, and $15/Hr on the 800 NMR (after it becomes operational). A minimum one hour charge per sample applies.

Contact Information:

Director:  N. Rama Krishna, Ph.D.


Phone: 934-5695

Manager:  Ronald Shin, Ph.D.


Phone:  934-5696

Research Associate: Michael Jablonsky, Ph.D.


Phone: 975-9942

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